Supply, installation and commissioning of equipment in 24 healthcare facilities (health institutions, health administrations) in the Republic of Guinea, N"Zérékoré region and the city of Conakry

Country: Guinea
Language: EN FR
Number: 4872219
Publication date: 17-10-2017
Source: TED
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1.Publication reference:EuropeAid/138837/IH/SUP/GN.

2.Publication date:18.5.2017.

3.Programme title:Health support project (Projet d"appui à la santé — PASA).

4.Contracting authority:Ministry of Economy and Finance (EDF National Authorising Officer in Guinea), Conakry, REPUBLIC OF GUINEA.

5.Reason for cancellation:Lot 1 of the contract, entitled "supply, installation and commissioning of consultation equipment and materials for maternal and childcare, obstetric care, neonatal care and neonatal resuscitation in healthcare facilities in the N"Zérékoré region", has been cancelled due to shortcomings in the invitation to tender dossier, which prevents the correct application of rules governing EU external actions financed by the European Development Fund (EDF).

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